Minecraft Horse Parkour Map Download

minecraft horse parkour download

Now that horses have joined the stable of available minecraft mods, it was only ever a matter of time before someone made a minecraft horse parkour map. Buckle Up! is that map. You’ll begin your horse parkour adventure in a room with three horses all clad in diamond armor. Choose your horse, then choose a name tag for your horse, and begin your wild leaping parkour journey.

Minecraft Shopping Survival Map

shopping survival download

minecraft shopping survival map download

Shopping is a serious skill, much maligned in the modern world because of its association with superfluous waste, consumer greed and the destruction of the planet. But in minecraft, resources are as infinite as the universe itself, so you need feel no shame engaging in a battle of shopping survival.

Shopping survival is essentially a sky survival island map. But instead of sitting around watching a cobble generator run day and night, you get to trade with villagers, build up currency and buy your way to freedom. It’s the American dream, made in miniature.

Minescape Minecraft Dungeon Adventure Survival Map Download

minescape minecraft dungeon map download

This large and expansive minecraft adenture survival map is made with multiplayer in mind, though intrepid single players can certainly play if they like – if they like dying, that is. Mwa ha!

Dungeon explorers begin their journey at the gates of a frozen castle located atop a scattered mountain. (I don’t personally know what a scattered mountain is, but I suspect it has something to do with dopamine levels.) As players descend through the many dungeons stretching down to the depths of the earth they will encounter many dangerous monsters and terrible foes.

A Month Of Top Minecraft Map Downloads

These are the top five Minecraft map downloads for the last 30 days. Yes it’s the 11th of the month. Yes that’s an irregular sort of day to do a post like this. We’re just crazy like that here. Crrraazzzy! Popular this month in Minecraft were maps that involved jumping, falling, being modern, being a zombie and surviving on a mountain. So it’s sort of a post-modern, elevated theme, a veritable smorgasboard of gravity related activities for keen minecraft players.

The Dropper!

One of the most popular minecraft maps of all time, The Dropper largely involves falling. A lot.

Epic Jump Map

Another jumping oriented map, this time for people who parkour. It’s a sort of lateral dropper map, in a way of speaking.

Project Zomboid Minecraft Map

The Minecraft map of the Project Zomboid game.

Greenfield Modern Minecraft City

One of the largest modern minecraft city builds. Worth checking out.

Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

Because solid survival maps never go out of style. Nor do mountains, for that matter.

Surface of the Sun, Minecraft Lava Survival Map Download

surface of the sun minecraft survival map

A classic minecraft survival map, Surface of the Sun challenges the player to live in an extremely hostile, lava filled environment. The map begins with the player aboard a space shuttle being hit by solar flares. Your only chance to survive is to hit warp drive and hope things go well.

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