Where Is The Stardew Valley Mine? | How To Mine in Stardew Valley

stardew valley how to mine

Mining is one of the primary skills in Stardew Valley, and a great way to make money, but where is the Stardew Valley mine?

where is the stardew valley mine

The Stardew Valley mine can be found in the upper north east corner. It is unlocked once a landslide above the carpenter’s occurs. You will notice that you are now able to access the railway area after this event, which happens about five days into the game.

Mining is simple. Use your pickaxe and hit the rocks. Note that mines contain dangerous enemies (monsters which will also drop loot) so you don’t just have to watch out for dwindling energy levels, but also your health status. There are several levels of mine, and to mine larger or more valuable rocks, you will need to upgrade your pickaxe.

Mines contain not just stone, but ores and barrels which can be broken with your axe for more rare rewards.

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