Minecraft 14w02b, Bouncy Slime Block Guide

minecraft  bouncy slime block gif

Sauce: (http://imgur.com/E4SiDDr)

Bouncy slime blocks are one of the new additions in the latest minecraft snapshot. They’re a whole lot of fun to play with. If you jump on them whilst standing on them, you’ll bounce a little. If you jump from a high place, you’ll bounce a LOT. These bouncy slime blocks are about to revolutionize minecraft parkour as we know it. Yes they are.

Falling from a great height onto a bouncy slime block breaks your fall, so you don’t take damage.

How To Craft A Slime Block:

minecraft slime block crafting recipe

All you need to make a slime block are nine slime balls and a crafting grid. Place the balls in each square in the grid and voila, there’s your bouncy slime block. Remember, slimes spawn in swampy areas – along with witches.

It is possible to put carpet tiles on top of slime blocks and still have them act as bouncy surfaces. This means you can create hidden trampoline effects, or put together a fun and entirely dangerous minecraft map involving falling onto surfaces which may or may not be bouncy.

Here’s a slime block video recap if you like to get your information in talky pictures:

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