Hoodoo, Minecraft PvP Map Download | How To Play Hoodoo

hoodoo minecraft pvp map download

Hoodoo is a much anticipated minecraft pvp arena map in which two teams take attacking and defending roles. Attackers / Invaders take one of five classes of animals:

Rabbit – Jumping and sprint bonuses.
Wolf – Warrior class with powered up sword.
Eagle – An Archer with an Ender Pearl.
Beaver – The engineering, building, support class, comes armed with blocks and tools.
Elephant – Tanking class. Designed to take plenty of damage whilst constantly grinding forward.

An invader can change classes after death, but not every class is made equal. Different classes ‘cost’ different amounts, and are paid for by turning in levels. Attackers earn one level per minute as the game progresses, so Attacking classes begin weakly, but grow stronger as the Hoodoo game progresses.

hoodoo pvp download

Defenders do not have classes, but have access to a general set of potions, tools and other items. It is worth noting that drops are off in Hoodoo, which means that crafting must be done with available items. Defenders are given a 75 second head-start when they begin the game. This time is best used cutting off invader routes and, as the creator describes ‘trashing the map’.

The Hoodoo map is designed asymmetrically and connected by bridges, which serve as choke points. Strategic play is encouraged by the map, Hoodoo strategy can be learned by playing the map, which is available for general download. For more Hoodoo playing tips, watch the video below.

Download Hoodoo!

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