Hoodoo, Minecraft PvP Map Download | How To Play Hoodoo

hoodoo minecraft pvp map download

Hoodoo is a much anticipated minecraft pvp arena map in which two teams take attacking and defending roles. Attackers / Invaders take one of five classes of animals:

Rabbit – Jumping and sprint bonuses.
Wolf – Warrior class with powered up sword.
Eagle – An Archer with an Ender Pearl.
Beaver – The engineering, building, support class, comes armed with blocks and tools.
Elephant – Tanking class. Designed to take plenty of damage whilst constantly grinding forward.

An invader can change classes after death, but not every class is made equal. Different classes ‘cost’ different amounts, and are paid for by turning in levels. Attackers earn one level per minute as the game progresses, so Attacking classes begin weakly, but grow stronger as the Hoodoo game progresses.

Catching Fire, Minecraft Hunger Games Survival Map

Twelve unique biomes and special effects make this an exciting new Huger Survival Games Minecraft Team Challenge Survival Of The Fittest Shoot Arrows At Your Friends Map.

Catching Fire Minecraft Map Download

Boombeard’s Battle Map! Minecraft Survival Games Download

boombeards battle minecraft hunger games survival map

Yo ho ho! Boombeard’s Battle Map awaits all hearty foes wishing to unleash their worst on one another. This 320 square block survival games arena will provide plenty of trips, traps, surprises and places from which to battle your fellow mutineers.

After being forced to walk the plank from your airship, you’ll find yourself on Boombeard’s survival atol. Dominating the center of the main island is a towering volcano. Those who take the highroad will find themselves with elevation on their side, but very little else. It be sparse up there, me hearties. (more…)

Drybone Valley, Minecraft Wild West PvP Survival Map Download

minecraft pvp western map download

It’s a PvP map.
It’s a survival map.
It’s a train map. With a real fake minecraft train.
But more than anything, it’s a Wild West minecraft map. Yeehaw!

This map is designed for the playing of PvP survival games. Like Hunger Games, but with a little less Jennifer Lawrence. This particular map, with its Wild West theme, is particularly original with brilliant builds that will have you downloading minecraft cowboy skins before you can whistle while your billy boils. Who’ll come a waltzing matilda with you? Nobody, wrong continent. Try again.

minecraft cowboys and indians map

Play as cowboys and indians, play as native inhabitants at one with the land or maurading settlers at war with nature. Find the tree of ancestors (or not because again, wrong setting, that’s Avatar). With custom built wigwams and a general store just waiting for a new Sheriff to roll into town you can be Clint Eastwood all day long.

The Walls, Minecraft PvP Survival Map

Want a minecraft PvP survival map that pits your PvP and survival skills against those of three other players? The Walls is a brilliant map with a fifteen minute buffer at the start counted down by the giant redstone clock in the sky. Each player has just fifteen minutes to prepare for the battle ahead. Gather resources, craft weapons and armor, place traps and fortify your defenses. When the fifteen minutes are up, the great sand walls fall and players are free to attack one another. There can be only one!

This map is brilliant because it gives each player a ‘territory’ to control at the outset. How you set up your defenses and whether you spend more time preparing for an attack or to defend yourself with your very life is up to you. This map will only grow more interesting with the upcoming minecraft update that includes trip wires and other trap setting mechanisms which will make minecraft PvP a true art.

Download The Walls, Minecraft Survival Pvp Map

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