Jeoffrey’s Chamber Sound Based Minecraft Map Download

This singleplayer minecraft adventure map is made by the Noxcrew. It contains a unique in-game soundtrack. Your listening abilities will determine your success in this minecraft adventure, in which you have been captured by an evil doctor master emperor villain whose mother is seriously getting in his way when it comes to tormenting his newest prisoner: you.

This innovative approach to minecraft map making uses resource packs which allow creators to not only upload new textures to minecraft, but to change sound effects. Which means that there’s finally a way to neatly place sound events and sound effects in minecraft maps.

Jeoffrey’s Chamber is a relatively short map, but it is the cutting edge of what is possible in minecraft, so even if adventuring your way out of a dungeon sounds even remotely appealing, I suggest you go ahead and make the download happen.

Download Joffrey’s Chamber!

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