Minecraft Strawberry Jam Map Downloads!

minecraft strawberry jamThe Strawberry Jam challenge involved creating a Minecraft CTM map in less than 48 hours! This time honored tradition started in 2013, and continues on with the THIRD Strawberry Jam contest!┬áThe purpose of these minecraft jams isn’t to pit creators against one another, but to foster creativity and come up with new, fun ways to play the CTM genre. The maps in this collection range from the fast paced and action-filled, to the romantic and brave, to the downright awe-inspiring.

A Star in the Abyss – Ragirk

Many months have passed since the events of your previous adventure, the Song of Life, and you have returned to where your adventure begun so long ago. Beneath the ruins of the grand mining complex, you will search for three gems of extreme significance, so that you will be able to open the Starlight Vault and collect the magical crystal, the Star of the Underworld, the first step to knowing your past and destiny

Journey to the Light – Infinity8Miner
Into the Depths – moldybread1

into the depths minecraft map


You are a member of the Arial Coverage of Insectoid Developments, specifically the Team for Reconissance of Insectual Properties. You get to go inside a beetle. There are melons. You get shrunk. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Eternally Us – Apollo9898

Your love and greatest friend, Elyssa, has been taken by the great beast of the north.

No one else can save her…

…except you.

romantic minecraft map download

Beyond Time and Space – TheXhen

space time minecraft map download

A Strange Train – yokcos700
Sandstorm – TikaroHD
Last Paradise – heliumjumper
Journey of Rebirth – soupbob

After dying, the worthy are sent to the cities of the afterlife, you were instead sent to the lake of rebirth, the entrance to the underworld. To get a second chance at life, you must journey into the underworld, and sacrifice the 4 wool and a block of diamond to the Temple of Sacrifice. Fight through hordes of the underworld’s undead and retrieve the heavily guarded wool.

The Tears We Shed – Drago
Diminutive Calamity – SirBrock
Redemption – The Sketch
Mortis Aria – Fangride
Into a Nightmare – rockenroll4life

nightmare minecraft map download

Along the River – Browneye414
Work in Progress – DetectiveNoir
The Atlas of Being – Sylf_

minecraft world map download

Restoration – frettory

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