The Monastery, Minecraft Horror Map

minecraft monastery horror map download

A creepy, scary minecraft horror map, The Monastery plants the player in an old, abandoned monastery. The map comes with a resource pack, so you’ll have the full horror experience, complete with horror soundtrack, Silent Hill style textures, limited view-distance and all the scary frozen moments that make any horror map great.

The Monastery takes its cues from ‘The Staircase’, and throws you into the Monastery headfirst into the graveyard. Blinded and achemically slowed, you creep around, bumping into headstones. Whilst the limited field of view caused by the blindness does create tension, the slowness is actually just annoying. Indeed, once the initial ‘ooo creepy’ vibe has worn off, even the blindness becomes irritating. You’ll swap your entire kingdom and all the emeralds in it for a single torch.

PRO TIP: If you are the victim of a slowness potion, jumping breaks the effect. If you jump move, you’ll be able to move almost as fast as you would when moving normally, instead of every step being like a ledge creep.

If you can stand playing a minecraft map at 1/4 speed, and don’t mind the dim light, this map is a very solidly made minecraft experience. The occasional horror looms out of the darkness and the resource pack, complete with creepy sounds and creepy sights is quite a terrifying delight to behold.

Download The Monastery Minecraft Horror Map!

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