Conquistadors Minecraft Survival Challenge Map

conquistadors minecraft survival map download

Conquistadors, ready your hounds of war and your armored horses, for you are about to make land on a fresh continent full of riches and minecraft survival challenges. This new minecraft survival island style map is unlike any to have come before it, a sensationally sculpted isle full of adventure.

minecraft survival download

Conquistador’s challenges are many and varied, from locating the first potato, to building subterranean wheat farms, you will use all your minecrafting skills to not only survive, but thrive on this island where hidden ruins, wrecks and other survivors are lurking around every corner.

A generous starting chest is provided, containing string, sticks, apples, charcoal, a fish, some wheat (not enough for bread, but perhaps you’ll find some more along the way), some fence posts to start a farm of some description, and a couple wood tools. From there, its up to you to craft your way to a conquest of the island. Good luck!

Download the Conquistadors Minecraft Survival Map!

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