Best Minecraft Map Seed For Minecraft 1.10, Two Village Spawns, Minecraft Horse Spawn, Minecraft Temple Spawn! 3 in 1

minecraft village map seed 1.10

This minecraft seed will spawn you near a village complete with a desert temple half buried beneath it, and a second village to the east. In addition to having two villages within walking range of the spawn point, this minecraft seed also spawns you next to a herd of horses AND a pack of wolves. This is the perfect minecraft seed for anyone looking to start a fun minectaft survival map.


Planetary Confinement, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

planetary confinement minecraft map download

Crashed, burned and with quests to complete, this is a minecraft survival map on steroids, in which you must not only survive the normal rigors of a minecraft game, but also take into account how hydrated you are and how hot or cold you are. It now matters whether you’re in a desert or an icy waste. It matters whether leaves are dry or wet. Your every action can change the outcome of the game by potentially triggering random events which can destroy you, or lead you to redstone riches.

Ample use of control blocks means that the player finds themselves in an ever changing world with custom mobs, random events, over 40 brand new minecraft crafting recipes, new tools including the ever popular grappling hook and two wild boss battles.

Click here to download Planetary Confinement Minecraft Map!

Cave-In Minecraft Survival Map Download

cave in minecraft map download

The problem with mines is that they’re underground tunnels prone to collapse. The problem with this minecraft map is that you’re at the mercy of the most epic cave-in of all time – a cave in to the very depths of the minecraft earth. This map features an undererground experience twice the size of typical maps, which means you could be trapped down there… forever.

This open-world minecraft survival map has no rules but one: survive.

With dangerous mobs, chasams, canyonds, holes and bedrock to contend with, that won’t be as easy as you might hope.

Download this Minecraft underground survival map!

Mevia Dance of Elements, Two Volcanoes Minecraft Map Download

minecraft volcano map download

This huge 6000 x 6000 minecraft map consisting of two volcanic islands, one made of ice, one of fire is the hottest downloads of the moment. Your task is to survive in a volcanic world unlike any other and traverse vast landscapes in search of adventure.

Meiva archipelago consists of two islands – Whedab & Mitne. Whedab is opposite to Mitne – Whedab is cold and dark but Mitne is warm and overgrown with flowers. In the middle of each island lives a god in form of volcano. Volcano in Whedab is hot and called Skaeren, volcano in Mitne is made of ice and is called Winimo. Skaeren controls earth and fire, Winimo is a master of water and air. One cannot exist without another, and only together they are whole. Winimo and Skaeren compete with each other in a game called “dance of the elements”. In this game Skaeren controls earth and Winimo controls water. God that creates more complex and beautiful forms using his element while other god is trying to disturb him wins the game and is considered to be a winner for one year. After one year they start the game again, but this time previous winner loses the game.

Carefully crafted landscapes make this minecraft map one of the most ruggedly beautiful of all time. More art than game, you will be continually stunned by the sights of the volcanic isles in your quest to discover balance.

Download this minecraft volcanoes map!

Conquistadors Minecraft Survival Challenge Map

conquistadors minecraft survival map download

Conquistadors, ready your hounds of war and your armored horses, for you are about to make land on a fresh continent full of riches and minecraft survival challenges. This new minecraft survival island style map is unlike any to have come before it, a sensationally sculpted isle full of adventure.

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