Tunnel Trouble, Minecraft Combat Survival Map Download

tunnel trouble minecraft combat survival map download

Tunnel Trouble is a minecraft map consisting of a five thousand block long bridge. Your job? To get to the other side. It sounds simple, but like most simple things in life, it is fraught with danger and red tape (in this case it is more like red carpet, but it’s virtually the same thing.)

The map comes with four separate classes to choose from, including Archer, Knight, OddJob and Summoner. I went Summoner class, mostly because I was curious as to what that would entail. As it turns out, Summoners begin their journey through the dangerous tunnels with enough iron, snow and pumpkins to make approximately fifteen defensive creatures. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of time to make them in and you’re almost entirely exposed before you do manage to build your defensive golems and snowball throwers.

Wake Island Minecraft BF2 Map Download

minecraft bf2 wake island map download

This 1:1 scale build of Wake Island from the pc game BF2 is now available to download. The Wake Island minecraft map contains all the bases and locations from the BF2 game. Though there are other Wake Island minecraft maps, this one is by far the most accurate, right the way down to the location of palm trees. This could also be considered a WW2 minecraft map.

wake island base minecraft map download

Epic Tunnels, Minecraft Underground Survival Map

minecraft underground survival map download

You know what’s getting trite in minecraft survival maps? Being able to see the sun. That’s getting really old. This minecraft underground survival map, Epic Tunnels, is completely different – because the entire map takes place below the surface.

But perhaps you think that’s not such a big deal. Perhaps you think you’ll just download the map and tunnel up to the top? Think again! These tunnels are lined with unbreakable bedrock, so you’ll have to get used to surviving down in the very depths of the earth. Time to dust off that degree in minecraft geology, huh?

War To Survive, Minecraft Survival Map

war for survival minecraft super flat survival download

War to Survive is a minecraft superflat survival map with a custom shop built in, so you can trade your way to minecraft survival.

The best feature of this map is the aforementioned shop, which allows you to transform the XP you gain from defeating hostile mobs into valuable items. I think this might actually be the very first minecraft survival map download I’ve ever seen that didn’t come with at least one sapling at the start. So, in a sense you could call this no sapling survival. Or you could call it Bob. That would work too.

Sky Flat Survival, Minecraft CTM \ Sky Survival Map (Now With Custom NPCs!)

skyflat survival, minecraft sky survival map download

I’m going to start this minecraft survival map review with a warning: do not let the poisoned villager out of the solitary village blacksmith’s house. He is not in his right mind and he will run right off the edge of the world if you’re not careful.*

This simple island style of minecraft survival map is by far and away my absolute favorite. I love the simplicty of these maps, as well as the challenge that comes from having limited space and limited resources. Sky Flat is especially challenging as a quick peek over the edge reveals this map to be but one block thick.

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