Space Mines, Minecraft Space Survival Map

space mines minecraft island adventure map

From the creator of Wheel of Misfortune comes SPACE MINES, a sky island style minecraft survival map. Though it looks like all those other minecraft sky island maps, the creator has promised that it has the power to destroy hopes and dreams, which personally excites me.

You see, this isn’t just another minecraft sky survival map. This is a minecraft adventure survival sky map, or similar words to that. It has a storyline, whilst also encouraging you to make a melon farm – so something for people who like to complete tasks, and also something for people who like to have meaning in their lives.

Deadline Survival, Timed Minecraft Survival Map! (Seven Days To Save Yourself)

deadline survival minecraft map download

We’ve all played the old ‘minecraft survival map in a bedrock box’ map before. They’re fun, but once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. Right? Right? Wrong. Deadline Survival adds a new twist to the old formula by adding a timer to the map. You’ve still got to work out a way to survive with limited resources and even more limited room, but now the time that it takes too grow some wheat or even get a tree to turn from sapling to wood source might be too dashed long. This map comes in two variations, a ‘normal’ mode and a ‘hard’ mode. The difference between them is whether or not you’ll be forced to delete your world if you should happen to die.

dangerous mobs guard minecraft emeralds

This is a survival map with a goal. You have seven days to find nine emeralds. These emeralds are hidden in the box you call a world. As you play, an ominous glowing counter marks the days until something terrible happens. Think Majora’s Mask. No, don’t think that, you don’t have time to think that and there’s no Song of Time to save you now!

As always, the rules are simple. Get emeralds and survive, or die trying. And odds are you will die because it’s not just the terrain that’s hostile. As you delve deep into the map to try and retrieve the nine emeralds you’ll encounter all manner of terrible creatures, snarling and clanking about the place with little regard for your safety.

deadline survival minecraft map jungle temple

What happens if you win? I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you that it involves cake, lies and not being on the recieving end of a redstone trap to end all redstone traps.

Got time? Check out Deadline Survival

Catharsis, Minecraft Survival CTM Map Download of Despair

the broken beach

A combination CTM Survival map, Catharsis is sort of the minecraft equivalent of The Phantom Tollbooth . Set in caverns measureless to man and named with deep and meaningful titles like ‘The Intersection of Despair’, and ‘Broken Beach’, this isn’t just another complete the monument map challenge. It’s a way to cleanse yourself and make yourself whole. Or something. One does not simply complete the monument, you see. What one does, is one ‘fills the Altar of Consciousness’.

the heaven and hell of catharsis

This is actually a very enjoyable map. The locations are excellent and the map maker has done a fine job of taking the ‘catharsis’ theme and making it come to life in the many cavernous rooms the player finds him or herself in. The map is so large it almost counts as an adventure map, to be quite honest. It’s missing some elements of story, but there is a narrator that follows you throughout your journey and playing this map really does feel like going on a journey. Catharsis is definitely one of the Must Play Minecraft Maps for January 2013.

Get the Catharsis Minecraft Survival CTM Map!

Minecraft Invasion Mod Download For 1.4.6

minecraft invasion mod download

The invasion mod is the perfect mod for testing the strength and security of your stronghold and base designs. If spiders skittering up the walls and the occasional enderman teleporting into your base to steal your carpet doesn’t quite give you the sense of danger that you require in order to feel fulfilled in your minecraft life, then the Invasion Mod is the mod for you.

What Does The Invasion Mod Do?

Quite a lot.

Let’s start with the mobs. The normal mobs are scaled up to new tiers. A zombie now comes in two tiers, an almost normal zombie and a supercharged zombie which can upgrade its weaponry and all but gnaw through stone. Some zombies come in super flammable versions, being covered in tar on account of tar pits.

There’s also a siege mob, designed to test the strength of your walls. This mob will camp outside your nexus for all time.

The pig engineer. This mob won’t attack you, it will slowly and surely overcome all your defenses. It will build bridges and is capable of tunneling upwards. Which means your feet are no longer safe, because those supercharged zombies are coming in Mr Pig Engineer’s face.

This map contains several new blocks and items, including a nexus block, which is pretty much like building a temperamental self destruct mechanism capable of destroying every living thing in your base. That includes you, of course.

Click here to get the Invasion Mod, and let your personal invasion begin!

Wormhole Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

wormhole survival minecraft map download

Wormhole Survival is a classic skyblock style minecraft survival map – with a twist. See all those islands in the teaser picture? Think you can just build yourself a cobblestone bridge between them all and call it a day? No I say unto you, nay! The only way to reach the various islands is to be teleported between them. Doesn’t sound too bad so far, right?


Unfortunately for you, you’ll be teleported at random whenever the map decides that it has had enough of you being in one particular spot. This means that you can’t simply build a cosy little base, farm some wheat and declare the map finished, because no sooner have you made your first loaf of bread than you’ll find yourself on another island entirely, with no resources besides the ones in your deep minecraft pockets. This adds a definite edge to the game of minecraft survival and more than that it is a truly original minecraft survival map. I bolded that because originality becomes rarer the further we go along.

Every sunset and sunrise, you’ll find yourself being ripped away from whatever you know and teleported to a new biome. There you must survive, collect resources and hope that your next trip in ten minutes or so takes you somewhere nice. If you’re low on health and you end up in the ‘bedrock and a piece of ice’ biome, you’ll be in trouble. This is, for obvious reasons, a very exciting new minecraft survival map.

Click here to check out, camp out and download Wormhole Survival!

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