17th Century Minecraft Dark Ages City

minecraft 17th century city download

This 17th century city minecraft build created by Eat Blue Sausages isn’t just beautiful, it’s also rather historically functional. And by that, I mean you can go down to the experiment room and conduct some olde style experiments without any of the knowledge afforded to you by modern science.

minecraft old city download

Remember whilst you play in this map, that you’re technically in the dark ages, which means you believe in witches (which is a good thing, on account of the dragons in minecraft, and the very real nether just choc full of actual monsters).

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If you like this city, there is another very much like it currently in progress being built by another minecraft architect, Corpeh. This build appears to have stalled, but it is a perfect place for some good old medieval minecraft inspiration.

minecraft dark ages architecture

minecraft 18th century build

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