How To Stop The Rain In Breath of the Wild

Rain always seems to come at precisely the wrong time in Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Weather is a greater nemesis than Ganon, for sure. Ganon will mess with you for a few minutes at best. Rain will assault your gaming experience for hours at a time.

So how do you stop the rain?

Well, you don’t. Unlike other games which contain the Ocarina, which can be used to summon storms and send them on their way, the Link of Breath of the Wild is not a musical fellow whatsoever.

You have three choices if you are caught halfway up or down a cliff when it starts to rain.

1. Spam the jump button like crazy, offsetting some of the backsliding. This will work if you’re only a little ways away from your destination. It will absolutely not work under other circumstances.

2. Find a sheltered spot, start a fire, and wait until the next morning. I find that quite often this results in a brief period of respite before the rain begins again, because this game is innately evil.

3. Fast travel across the map and do something somewhere else until it inevitably starts raining there too.

It rains the most in tropical regions, and least on Death Mountain, so hanging out with the Gorons will help you evade those annoying raindrops.

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