Captive Minecraft 3 Download: Rise of Atlantis

new captive minecraft download

The Captive Minecraft series returns with the third downloadable installment: Rise of Atlantis. As with previous captive minecraft games, you begin inside a tiny world with a border just 1 x 1. You are your world. But, as you achieve achievements, the world border expands, opening up new possibilities and access to treasures and rewards beyond your wildest bordermares.

With a fully customized Nether, and a map height of 500 blocks in both realms, you’ll be up and down and up and down and falling all over the show. As with previous captive minecraft games, completing monuments unlocks monumental rewards, and the scope of exploration is far beyond that of inferior minecraft maps with their permissive stance on world borders.

Download Captive Minecraft 3 here!

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