Woosh Games Minecraft Theme Park

minecraft theme park download

Minecraft’s classic theme park map, Woosh Games features:

Seven Mini-Games!


  • Dodge Bow,
  • Snow Fight,
  • Pig Rodeo,
  • Piston Boxing,
  • Sheep Breeders and
  • Jungle Race!

Pro Games!

  • Diamond Ball,
  • Swedish Gladiators,
  • PvP Carts,
  • Space Race!

Six Spleef Arenas!

And of course, the necessary park services:

  • MineDonalds
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Information Kiosk
  • Fireworks Display

There’s fun and games for all in this massive minecraft amusement park, you can play by yourself or play with friends on your own private server.

Download Woosh Minecraft Theme Park!

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