Minecraft Tower Defense Map Download

Do you love the concept of defending your home from invaders? If so, you might be part of a long history of human people. Congratulations!

Minecraft Fortress is a map which can be played alone in frustrating solitude, or with three to five players, if you can rope that many people into your favorite past time all at once. The map allows you to upgrade your gear, gain levels, cast spells and build barriers, all in the service of protecting your towering home from the hordes of hostile mobs which come in near endless waves to destroy all you love and hold dear.

Download Minecraft Fortress Defense here!

Pokemon Red Minecraft Map Download

Play classic Pokemon Red right inside Minecraft! No mods are necessary for this game, just your regular vanilla install will work. Download the map, install as usual and play Pokemon red. The creator of this map has been building the game since 2015, recreating every part of it using the Minecraft command block system. The power of Minecraft has never been so obvious!

Download Minecraft Pokemon Red here!

Star Wars Minecraft Map | Star Wars Movie Map Download

minecraft star wars downloads

Re-creating an entire Star Wars movie in a game isn’t normal, but on Minecraft it is. The very talented Paradise Decay has been making minecraft maps for years, and his latest Minecraft Star Wars project is bigger and better than all that came before.

You can download his Rise of the Rebellion Star Wars Minecraft map by clicking that link what you just read, or you can check out his official blog which contains all sorts of fun minecraft maps and obsessive Star Wars videos, previews, renders and more…

Paradise Decay

Simburbia, Minecraft Sim City Download

sim city minecraft download

Ever wanted to play Sim City in Minecraft? Well here’s your chance. Through the magic of advance Minecraft technology, Simburbia is a complete city simulation complete with a power grid, monetary system, a living, working population, disasters, map overlays, sim city quests and more. It’s time to become Mayor of your own Minecraft city and watch as giant Zombies stomp your carefully simgineered buildings to dust – or not.

Simburbia is no small feat of Minecraft engineering, a game within a game, and as such it is a must, must, must download for all minecrafters who like seeing what modern minecraft can now do.

Download the Minecraft Simburbia Sim City Map here!

Holes, Minecraft Game Map Download

This multiplayer minecraft game is as easy as falling in a hole. Seriously. All you have to do is find the color hole that corresponds to your chosen color and fall in it. Do it eight times before anyone else does, and you win. Of course, not every hole is easy to find – and your opponents may decide that the best form of hole defense is hole attack.

Download Minecraft Holes here!

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