Crashy Road, Minecraft GTA5 Map Download

Play Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft with Crashy Road, a Minecraft GTA 5 style map which lets you drive several different kinds of cars (yes, minecraft cars) through a destructible world, avoid cops (and wool helicopters) and win rewards through a play to win lottery system whic will enable you to add new vehicles to your minecraft garage.

Download This Minecraft GTA 5 Map!

Minecraft Pacman Map Download


It’s time to play pac man in minecraft! This excellent map uses the mechanics of the original pac man game to create a sense of horror and terror and general excitement in modern minecraft. We’ve come so far. This minecraft map imports sound effects and music from the original pacman game, but changes things up by creating a game within a game. It’s meta. We love meta things on the internet. And I can’t let this post go by without ressurecting an old meme:


Download Minecraft Pac Man map!

Holes, Minecraft Game Map Download

This multiplayer minecraft game is as easy as falling in a hole. Seriously. All you have to do is find the color hole that corresponds to your chosen color and fall in it. Do it eight times before anyone else does, and you win. Of course, not every hole is easy to find – and your opponents may decide that the best form of hole defense is hole attack.

Download Minecraft Holes here!

Minecraft Battleship Minigame Download

Let’s play Battleships! In Minecraft! This minigame requires no mods and involves plenty of explosions, so Michael Bay will be playing it day in and day out until he discovers some minecraft transformers!

Download this Minecraft Battleship Minigame!

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Whirlpool Minecraft PvP Minigame Map | Minecraft Wipeout!

minecraft whirlpool pvp minigame download

This player vs player minecraft whirlpool PvP map represents a new way to war with your friends. The premise is simple, you are to fight one another whilst fighting against the current streaming through the whirlpool which you willingly drop yourself into for the sake of doing battle in a new and interesting way. Losers will find themselves sucked into the abyss. Winners may also eventually find themselves sucked into the abyss, but at least they’ll feel as though they achieved something before they went.

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