Top Annoying Prison Architect Bugs and Fixes

Prison Architect is a prison building simulation which has been released as an alpha for quite some time now and presents with a bunch of bugs. Some are mere quirks. Some are game-breaking. Here are three I’d love to see fixed here.

Permanent Grass Bug

Grass, once laid, is impossible to remove. That means if you decide you want to extend your buildings, you can’t do it onto a grassed area. You can build foundations, but you can’t put new rooms there.


All Rooms Booked Education Bug

ALL ROOMS BOOKED is a bug which makes it impossible to run more than one education class. It seems as though no matter how many classrooms are built, or work hours assigned, your prisoners just won’t learn. Here’s a fix for ALL ROOMS BOOKED – make sure you have long work hours. Blocks of two hours at a time are not enough for the Foundation Education Program – you need at least three hours assigned to WORK in the regime tab. My foundation program, for instance, runs from 8 am to 11 am.

Workers Don’t Work Bug

Occasionally, prison architect’s workforce will go on an unexpected strike. Usually this is because one of the tasks on the workers’ list is unable to be completed, either because of another glitch affecting the completion of foundations, or because a worker has walled themselves in somewhere, or for no apparent reason at all. This bug has the charming capacity to completely shut down a prison, making it impossible to progress any further.

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