Minecraft Arena Dungeon Adventure

minecraft dungeon arena map download

Dungeon crawlers are fun. You explore new dungeon rooms, packed to the brim with monsters just ready to drop their loot everywhere. Arena Dungeon is a minecraft map containing not just rooms full of monsters, but waves of monsters. Enter a room, trigger the waves of aggressive mobs, slay them all and move on. It’s a Herculean task.

Arena Dungeon also contains a currency / shop system whereby the EXP and emeralds you earn slaying early monsters can be used to pay for equipment upgrades and unlock new dungeons, which can be harvested to earn more EXP and emeralds, which can… well, you get the general idea. This is a minecraft dungeon fighter map, but it is also a comment on capitalism. At what price little green and yellow baubles sliding across the floor making tinkling sounds as they are absorbed into your chest? At what price indeed!

There’s also the capacity for a bit of minecraft wizardry, which will go down well with the potion using set – oh, and you can either choose to venture into the dungeons solo, or take a multiplayer party of your closest friends to help you clear out the Pigmen and such.

Check out the Arena Dungeon Minecraft Download!

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