New Skyblock Map Download (For Minecraft 1.11)

Skyblock is the original Minecraft survival madness experience. It is the alpha and the omega, and it is now available for Minecraft 1.11 . This new, improved skyblock map includes a bunch of new challenges, upping the challengemeter to 60. By playing the new Skyblock, you’ll learn what an aquaduct is, which makes it educational and also fun and also includes the traditional skyblock fear of heights and scarcity mentality which will impact all areas of your life:

New Challenges:

Collect 64 iron.
Make a gold farm in the nether.
Cure a zombie villager.
Spawn an iron golem.
Use redstone in three contraptions.
Find a slime chunk and create a slime farm.
Make a lava aquaduct system.
Go to the end and defeat the enderdragon.
Find an elytra.
Spawn and defeat the wither.

Download the NEW Skyblock for Minecraft 1.1

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