These minecraft horror movies have been hand-picked to deliver the best in minecraft shocks and scares. For best effect, watch in a 1 x 2 square hole without even so much as a torch for company.

Hotel Overlook

Hotels are some of the scariest places known to man. Or is that skeeviest. I forget. Alls I know is I wouldn’t mind if this hotel lost my reservation.

Minecraft Horror Movie: The Movie Of Minecraft Horror

The horror is in the horror.

The Haunted House

You know what really messes with house prices? Being haunted. The neighbors won’t be telling stories of what goes on in this place. Will you?


Set in the irradiated wasteland of Priyapat, Chernobyl, nothing is going to go right in this minecraft movie.


No minecraft horrorfest is complete without the slender person.

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