These minecraft horror movies have been hand-picked to deliver the best in minecraft shocks and scares. For best effect, watch in a 1 x 2 square hole without even so much as a torch for company.

Hotel Overlook

Hotels are some of the scariest places known to man. Or is that skeeviest. I forget. Alls I know is I wouldn’t mind if this hotel lost my reservation.

Minecraft Horror Movie: The Movie Of Minecraft Horror

The horror is in the horror.


Minecraft Leaky Tap Video

How to make water ripple in minecraft! Seth Bling has worked out how to create ripples of water in minecraft, paving the way for waves and tides and other types of common water slop currently omitted from the game.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft | Tips From Okta

These minecraft super tips comes from Okta’s ‘Five Things You May Not Know About Minecraft’ series, a great little YT series perfect for people who have been playing minecraft for a while and are interested in learning the tricks the pros use.

* Zombies will only burn in the sun if they are standing on a full block. Half blocks will keep zombies from burning.

* You can breed chickens with netherwort, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds and grass seeds.

* Leads can be unleashed by throwing snowballs at them, shooting them with an arrow, throwing an egg or tossing an ender pearl in their direction.

minecraft carpet fence stairs

* Fences can be used as stairs if carpets are placed on top of them. This means you can build steep, tall staircases which are ascended super quickly.

*Using a nametag and calling a mob ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grumm’ will make them turn upside down.

Check out Okta’s Five Things You May Not Know About Minecraft:


Minecraft’s Beetle Juice Roller Coaster

This cannot be downloaded because it was made in the XBOX 360 version of minecraft. It is however, one of the most impressive minecraft rollercoasters I’ve ever seen – and the fact it was made using a controller makes it even better.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Minecraft (Assassin’s Craft)

Because when Assassin’s Creed 3 meets Minecraft, there’s no stopping you.

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