Seth Bling’s SkyGrid Minecraft Survival Map

Minecraft survival maps have become increasingly abstract since their inception. Where islands once flourished now mere blocks are considered sufficient basis for a survival map. Seth Bling’s SkyGrid survival map takes the theme to its possibly illogical conclusion by placing random environmental blocks in a grid.

There are no rules in this map because you’ll be hard pressed to even play the thing. The appeal of SkyGrid comes in making sense out of chaos, of turning a jumbled mass of elements into something coherent. In more than one way, playing SkyGrid is akin to handling the universe in the moments after the Big Bang.

It’s hard to say whether this is technically a ‘fun’ map. There’s the thrill of repeatedly plunging through the grid before being able to catch yourself again, there’s the wild disorientation that comes from being surrounded by the pure expression of the concept of randomness and there’s the drive of the desire to build a nice house and hide yourself away from the madness that is the outdoors. Whether your enjoy it or not, SkyGrid has already claimed its place among minecraft survival map classics.

Download SkyGrid Minecraft Survival Map!

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