Exodus Season 2: An Interruption In Space Minecraft Adventure Map

exodus 2 minecraft adventure map download

Are you ready for a brand new Minecraft adventure? Want to play a minecraft map which boldly states that it is likely to make you cry? Of course you do. It’s so hard to find catharsis now that we’re all pickled in corn syrup. Exodus Season 2 is the successor to other forms of Exodus, and steps the minecraft adventure game up to a whole new level. You play as a contestant on a reality show who must attempt to survive an alien planet.

Exodus 2 boasts the following features:

  • An intense and emotional story, guaranteed to make you cry real tears of human saline.
  • Your actions dictate the ending!
  • Voice acting from voice actors who know how to act with their voices.
  • NPC dialogue trees. Foliage your dialogue!
  • Cutscenes. (Everyone loves an unskippable cutscene, right?)
  • Music (All royalty free and should be safe for YouTube)
  • Custom Resource Pack (See the map as it was meant to be seen.)
  • 4 epic episodes
  • A Diverse Cast of Characters. So diverse the Greendale Human Being is jealous.
  • Intense boss fights leading to intense rewards. Or crying. See point one.
  • Low gravity combat. Combat has never been so bouncy!
  • Horror? Horror!
  • An end sequence so epic, its hard to describe. Epicness.
  • A guided redstone tour / After show takes you behind the scenes.
  • One of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. Or the easiest, if you had to decide which of your offspring to sacrifice to a dragon during the middle ages.

Click here to download this new minecraft adventure map!

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