How To Make Free Standing Ladders In Minecraft

minecraft freestanding ladder how to

This neat minecraft ladder cheat, discovered by redditor Lonnie_Mack allows you to finally make ladders that aren’t placed directly against other blocks, in other words, free-standing minecraft ladders!

It’s done by using the abilties that come with the new launcher, which can swap between new and old versions of minecraft.

Step by Step Instructions For Making A Free Standing Minecraft Ladder

Step One: Using hardened clay, place blocks where you want your ladder to go.

Step Two: Place ladders.

Step Three: Quit game, open same save file, but using Minecraft 1.5.2. You’ll find that the clay blocks are gone, largely because there aren’t any hardened clay blocks in 1.5.2

Step Four: Quit game again, open save file in the latest version of minecraft. You’ll discover that your ladder is still there, and the blocks are still gone. You have a freestanding ladder!

Ladders made this way are visible and usable from the front only. From the back they become invisible hit-boxes. This gives you a way to not only make free-standing ladders, but invisible walls too.

This trick can also be used to create floating railways. Just place rails on hardened clay blocks, do the ol’ version switcheroo and baby, you got a railway in the sky!

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