Minecraft’s New Fishing System | How To Fish In Minecraft

Fishing in minecraft used to be simple. It used to be a matter of taking some sticks and string, casting your rod into the water and pulling out little blue fish to your heart’s content. Fishing has been a solid way to avoid starving to death, but other than that, it has been fairly tedious.

Minecraft developer Dinnerbunny discuses the changes he’s making to fishing:

What’s New In Minecraft Fishing!

– Multiple fish items, including 15 distinct items. Some fishing items confer bonuses, others are negative.

– Enchanted fishing rods!

-Yes, you’ll be able to fish up fishing rods by fishing. Which makes total sense. Enchanted fishing rods.

– You may be able to fish up special items like name tags, and hey, maybe even saddles.

-You’ll also be able to fish up items of no value at all. Because wasting your time is what video games do best.

How To Craft A Minecraft Fishing Rod

how to make a minecraft fishing rod recipeTo craft a fishing rod, you’ll need three sticks and two pieces of string. String is most easily obtained by harvesting spiders, but can also be found in abandoned mines. Place the three sticks diagonally across the crafting grid, with two pieces of string directly below the uppermost stick.

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