The Lion King Minecraft Video

Minecraft Is Awesome

A perfect video whilst we wait for the 1.3 update – and therefore a whole new world of minecraft adventure and survival maps.

Minecraft Animated Cartoon, Steve – Thinking Different

From VM Comix, this animated Minecraft cartoon combines the best of minecraft mechanics and the best of Wile E Coyote hunting tactics.

Creepers and Cats | Minecraft AI In Action

In the new minecraft snapshot creepers have enhanced intelligence, but one weakness: cats. A creeper will run away from a minecraft cat if it finds itself within 6 blocks of one, regardless of whether it was about to blow you up or not.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Minecraft Robots from Seth Bling

Real, (and by real, I of course mean virtual) Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots you can play whilst playing Minecraft. Yep. Moving on. Skip to 1.35 to see the robots fighting.

Or watch the whole thing and feel the super wonder meister power of Seth Bling!

Download these from Planet Minecraft!

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