Crashy Road, Minecraft GTA5 Map Download

Play Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft with Crashy Road, a Minecraft GTA 5 style map which lets you drive several different kinds of cars (yes, minecraft cars) through a destructible world, avoid cops (and wool helicopters) and win rewards through a play to win lottery system whic will enable you to add new vehicles to your minecraft garage.

Download This Minecraft GTA 5 Map!

Azeroth in Minecraft | Full WoW Minecraft Map

Orgrimmar - Imgur

All of Azeroth, the world of warcraft, is now available as a minecraft map download. Check out the Horde city of Ogrimmar pictured above! With all of Azeroth lovingly rendered as a minecraft map, now you can let your subscription lapse and wander in a WoW free of NPCs, murlocks and ganking PvP’ers who do it for the lulz.

Download the minecraft World of Warcraft map!

Minecraft Paper Mario Map Download

minecraft paper mario map

Paper Mario was fun. Now it is even funnerer in Minecraft. Petalburg is all ready to be played, but there is more to be built. If you happen to be a talented minecraft builder with a strong ability to be nostalgic for things that happened five minutes ago, then you can help create the entirety of Paper Mario in minecraft. I’m not saying that doing so will be the pinnacle of your life’s achievements, I’m saying that there’s a chance it will be. And all we really have in life is chances. Take a chance on me. Take a chance on Paper Mario in minecraft.

Download Paper Mario in Minecraft!

Lucky 38 Hotel, Fallout New Vegas Minecraft Map Download

minecraft lucky 38 map download

Everybody who played Fallout: New Vegas will remember the significance of the Lucky 38 hotel, a place where moral decisions that impact the entire world are made. (Well, the parts of it that aren’t already dead from radiation sickness, or having fallen pray to Caesar’s manic troops.) This detailed reconstruction of the Lucky 38 will have you travelling from the first floor all the way up to Mr House’s private cryogenic suite – where the unthinkable can be thought of all over again.

the lucky 38 minecraft

Even better than the fact that this is a minecraft map download, it’s also being made available as a MCEdit schematic, which means you can import it into your own maps, or use it on your own minecraft servers.

Download the Lucky 38, Fallout New Vegas in Minecraft Map

Twin Peaks Minecraft Mountain Survival Map Download

minecraft two mountains map

Two large mountains. I could write more about that, but this is really just a minecraft map comprised pretty much of two very large mountains. It is geared to be a survival map, and it makes a very large and very intimidating survival experience. Shortly after spawn, I was looking for a downed plane passenger to snack on.

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