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Captive minecraft is one of the newest minecraft map sensations. The player begins with just a single block of space to work with, bordered by invisible force-fields which make movement impossible. There is but one way to expand your world and escape the box – to get minecraft achievements. With every achievement, your world expands by a one block radius. Open your inventory and the world gets bigger. Chop wood, and the world expands. Soon you will be adventuring throughout a continuum of exciting locations, exploring secrets, gathering resources and preparing for the final battle!

Download Captive Minecraft!

MineZ: A Minecraft MMO

mineZ server map

What Is MineZ?

MineZ is much more than a minecraft server, it is a multi-server Minecraft MMO based on the Arma II DayZ mod – meaning that the main order of the day is killing and / or running away from zombies. When not being hunted by zombie hordes, MineZ players explore a post-apocalyptic world populated with cities, towns and other resources. This is technically a minecraft mod, but it is hosted entirely server-side, so anyone with an un-modded copy of vanilla Minecraft can join and play without having to download or install any files.

Playing MineZ

MineZ contains a whole lot of new game mechanics, including thirst. When you spawn, you do so with a piece of paper (which I later discovered functions as a bandage), a wooden sword, a full water bottle (refillable at water sources) and an eye of ender, used for chat and a few other things.

There are two main types of NPC, bandits (hostile) and healers (friendly). Players also tend to be hostile, as I discovered when I was ended by a leather clad chappy surrounded by zombies whilst I was trying to work out where I was. I suppose he has my eye of ender and my water bottle now. Unfortunately for him, I already used up my bandage by right clicking it by accident.

Minecraft Is Awesome

A perfect video whilst we wait for the 1.3 update – and therefore a whole new world of minecraft adventure and survival maps.

New Minecraft Feature: Ender Chest!

The Ender Chest is a special type of minecraft chest that has a limited inventory that exists outside of space and time. By placing multiple Ender Chests, you can have access to your Ender Chest inventory anywhere – and in any dimension.

So say you put a stack of diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base, and you’ve traveled many minecraft miles away but have a sudden need for diamond. By placing an Ender Chest, you’ll be able to access the diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base. Ender Chests also work on other realms, an Ender Chest in the Nether will have the same inventory as an Ender Chest in the main world.

How To Make An Ender Chest:

Surround an eye of ender with eight obsidian blocks to make an Ender Chest.

New Minecraft Feature: Writeable Books!

Players and makers of minecraft adventure maps have something to be very exited about in upcoming minecraft releases! There’s a new game item called ‘Book and Quill’. When you right click on this item you can open it and write in it. ‘Signing’ the book turns it into a finished book with a Title and Author. You can give it a title, but the author name is your player name, so your nick is forever immortalized in minecraft print.

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