Minecraft 1.9 Game Map

This is the map generated from my explorations of the Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release. Interestingly enough I found a single large continent with a single deep ravine and abandoned mine. Great oceans surround this continent, although rivers appear to be entirely absent.

Mattchinima’s Minecraft Prison Break Asteroid Island Let’s Play

These fine fellows cheated rampantly, but I’ll forgive them for it because their antics were hilarious and a great time appeared to have been had by all. There’s a saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many players crammed into one little asteroid makes it awesome.

This is a map I made, if you want to check out Prison Break Asteroid Island, you can do so here!

The Clawsome Plays Prison Break Asteroid Island

This map! I made it!

Rainmeter Minecraft News Skin

Get all the latest Minecraft information, updates and stomach dropping idle speculation straight from the twittering fingers of Notch himself! This Minecraft News Skin is compatible with Rainmeter, a program that customizes your desktop and gives it a significant functionality boost, putting the information you most need right at your finger tips. Sort of like Minority Report except you can’t be arrested for pre-crime.

Six Super Realistic Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Packs

This article cross-posted from Surviving Minecraft.

These days everything is about realism and high definition. Give me high resolution pixel reality or give me death. When it comes to Minecraft, there are several HD realistic texture packs to choose from and I’ve played pretty much all of them in my quest to review all the HD texture packs.

Maraxos Realism HD Hi-Res Minecraft Texture Pack (32x, 64x, 128x, 256x)

A nicely made HD texture pack with realistic stylings and stone walls that will make you go into a drooling trance.

LB RPG Realism Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64x 128x 256x 512x)

From that guy who bought you LB Realism (only the most famous realistic HD minecraft texture pack) comes this RPG styled effort. It takes a lot of its design aesthetic from LB Realism, but adds an RPG twist that will appeal to anyone with RPG soul.

Smooth Modern | Modern Style HD Minecraft Texture Pack (256x)

Smooth modern is a compilation realistic HD Minecraft texture pack that has its sights clearly set on a modern aesthetic. If you want to bring Minecraft into the 21st century, this might very well be the compilation you’re looking for.

Amethyst’s Photo Realistic Hi Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128x)

This is a lesser known texture pack, but actually a very well done one, and it’s an excellent alternative to the LB texture packs that are so cliche right now. There’s still a touch of whimsy to this pack, but the textures are sharp and clean and it’s definitely worth a look.

Minecraft Enhanced, Super Hi-Res Realistic HD Minecraft Texture Pack Mod (128x, 256x)

Minecraft Enhanced is a very high resolution Minecraft texture pack, but it is more than that too, it is also a mod that functions something like a complete reworking of the visual settings and options associated with Minecraft. It’s Minecraft, Jim, but not as we know it.

Misa’s Realistic Hi-Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64x)

One of the best realistic HD Minecraft texture packs at the ‘lower’ end of the resolution scale, Misa’s realistic probably contains the best balance of art and realism I’ve ever seen. We all know that realistic texture packs can take their attempts at realism too far. Misa’s keeps it real, so to speak, but does so with an eye to beauty.

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