Prison Break Minecraft Survival Map Download

You’ve been bad. Very bad. What your crime was is irrelevant. All you need to know is that you’ve been sent off planet to a prison asteroid, Prison Sphere #6689, where you’ll eek out your remaining days doing your best to survive against the elements and the monsters and the overwhelming solitude that threatens to choke the last breath from your body. Escape is impossible, survival is extremely unlikely.

Unlike other survival maps that hand you a relatively blank slate to wreak your evils upon, Prison Sphere #6689 has been tailored for your long term stay at the outset. The powers that be don’t want you to die too soon after all. What would be the point of that?

You’re certainly not the first prisoner to be sentenced to life on the prison asteroid. There are signs of previous occupation everywhere you look. The broken bars that once rimmed the outer perimeter of the asteroid are testament to the terrible madness that gripped some prisoners who preferred to dive into the lava rather than face the endless tedium of the small prison.

In accordance with new prisoner regulations, you have not been left entirely unequipped. A small ration of food and a pair of pants have been allotted to you. Of course, survival isn’t exactly being handed to you on a platter either. You’re going to have to seek out the materials you need to sustain life. Those willing to brave dangers may find themselves richer than they ever imagined.

Survival Tip Alpha and Omega

(The only one you’ll get, worm.)

Find hidden chests to obtain useful items to aid you in your quest for survival. Look for subtle clues to discover where previous inhabitants have hidden the few precious materials smuggled onto the prison sphere.


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