How To Mod Minecraft, A Guide For Newbies

If you’re new to modding Minecraft, this guide will help you tell your bin from your .jar and get you started on the road to a whole series of exciting mods, including NPC mods, inventory editing mods and more.

How to Mod Minecraft, Pictorial Guide

Download Mod Loader. Mod Loader is currently the most popular Minecraft modding API and most mods you’ll want to use will require that you use it.

Install Mod Loader. This is very simple and the process you use for installing Mod Loader will be the same process you use for installing most other mods. First of all you’ll want to press Windows + R and type %appdata% into the box that pops up.

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First Taste of Minecraft Rain

I was building my candy themed roller coaster on a beautiful and typically sunny Minecraft day when all of a sudden the sky darkened and rain began to pour. In that moment I  learned that shifts in weather are sudden and violent in this land. The ambiance that comes with the rain is deliciously damp. It made me immediately want to set my tools down and build a shelter of some kind. As I appear to have built my budding amusement park on a storm path, umbrellas will no doubt be in high demand. I shall charge an arm and a leg for them, maximizing profits at the expense of public health and safety.

The rain was morosely beautiful.  I huddled under an overhang and watched it pour down outside, probably soaking into the brightly colored cloth support pillars, rendering them dangerously soggy. Only the foolhardy, the brave and the desperate would ride this ride.

Minecraft’s Powered Rails Rule My World

For the longest time, I wanted nothing more than powered rails, some way of making Minecarts work without putting together hinky boosters that only seemed to work effectively 50% of the time. (I’m looking at you, five minecraft spinny device that would occasionally hurl a minecart into the stratosphere.) And now they’re finally here, they’re here and they’re more beautiful than I would ever have dared to imagine.


(These need to be powered with redstone in order to work, so save yourself some levers / pressure plates and some redstone. You’ll cry bitter tears of disappointment if you don’t.)

HD Minecraft Texture Packs

Clicking the link at the bottom of this article will take you to a listing of all the reviews I’ve done of HD Minecraft texture packs and imma let you finish this article, but first let me make special mention of the top three HD minecraft texture packs of all time.

LB Photo Realistic Minecraft HD Texture Pack (64 x 64) (128 x 128) (256 x 256)

HD Minecraft texture packs are immensely popular for one reason: people want their Minecraft world to look as realistic as possible. There are other reasons too, but I like to live in a black and white world where diverse opinions and motivations can be summed up in one simple sentence, thus enabling me to move on with my description and review of this self proclaimed photo realistic HD Minecraft texture pack.

BorderCraft, Borderlands HD Minecraft Texture Pack (64 x 64) (128 x 128)

Bordercraft is an HD texture pack for Minecraft based on the Borderlands game. It’s awesome and if you love HD at all you should download it and install it immediately. I love this texture pack. I mean, really love it. I feel as if this texture pack and I have a special cosmic bond that stretches through space and time. It’s cartoon-y without making you feel like you accidentally stumbled into a Disney game for kids, and it’s trippy enough to make you want to have whatever you’re having a second time.

Hi/Low Hybrid HD Minecraft Texture Pack (256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64)

An HD texture pack that takes the default textures and brings them to your face with more high definition than you can handle. So grainy you’ll be certain that’s actual sand in your pants.

Don’t impose your limited world view on me, show me ALL the HD texture packs!

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