How To Enchant Items In Minecraft, A Newbie’s Guide To Minecraft Enchanting

See my shiny enchanted diamond chest armor.

Enchanting is one of the new functions in Minecraft, released with the third version of the 1.9 pre-release. This is a quick illustrated guide to making an enchanting table and enchanting weapons and armor.

How To Make A Minecraft Enchanting Table

You will need:

  • Two Diamonds.
  • Four Pieces of Obsidian.
  • A Book.

Arrange these items thusly:

How To Enchant Minecraft Weapons and Armor

Survival mode now includes a leveling system and you’ll need to be at least level one in order to enchant anything. This means that enchanting does not work at all in creative mode, because you can’t gain experience in creative mode.

To enchant an item, simply right click on the enchanting table and put an item in the slot. It can be a piece of armor or a weapon.

Here’s an illustration of a successful level one enchant in progress…

If you don’t get any viable options on the first try (ie, if all the options are non clickable) you can keep taking the item out of the slot and putting it on until an option does come up. You won’t be able to enchant all items and weapons at level one, but your enchanting options will increase as you gain levels.

The Cost of Minecraft Enchanting

Enchanting is not free. In fact, it appears to actually use up exp. If you’re level one and you want an enchanted sword, be prepared to go back to level 0 after the fact. Higher level enchants use up more exp. Leveling isn’t therefore something you do to ‘get better’ so much as to get access to better enchants. Once you have them, you have to go back and start earning exp all over again.

holding an enchanted minecraft sword

First Taste of Minecraft Rain

I was building my candy themed roller coaster on a beautiful and typically sunny Minecraft day when all of a sudden the sky darkened and rain began to pour. In that moment I  learned that shifts in weather are sudden and violent in this land. The ambiance that comes with the rain is deliciously damp. It made me immediately want to set my tools down and build a shelter of some kind. As I appear to have built my budding amusement park on a storm path, umbrellas will no doubt be in high demand. I shall charge an arm and a leg for them, maximizing profits at the expense of public health and safety.

The rain was morosely beautiful.  I huddled under an overhang and watched it pour down outside, probably soaking into the brightly colored cloth support pillars, rendering them dangerously soggy. Only the foolhardy, the brave and the desperate would ride this ride.

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