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Ant Farm Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

This minecraft survival map comes in the form of an oversized ant farm. Surrounded by glass on all sides, you find yourself in a room much bigger than any room you’ve been in before. In many ways, it is minecraft within minecraft, with a superscale build that dwarfs the player.

There have been other similar maps before, but none with the attention to detail and impressive minaturization that this map imparts to the player. You are insignificant compared to a crafting table that does not come up to waist height, but towers above you far into the distance. There is a bed, but you could fall into a crevasse in the creases of the pillow and never emerge again. Amidst all this incomprehensibly large splendor, you must eek out an existence, forever staring off into a realm of possibilities your feeble frame cannot hope to endure, let alone understand.

To survive this map you must be like an ant. You must tunnel ceaselessly, you must pass hormone markers on with your antennae and you must be able to carry several times your own weight without complaint. If you can’t do that, this map might not be for you. Or it might be. Who am I to judge.

PRO TIP: If you load this map and find that the walls are bedrock, that’s because the walls are bedrock retextured to be see through. You must use the texture pack associated with the map in order to get the full effect.

Click here to download the Ant Farm Survival Minecraft Map!

A Guide To What’s New In Minecraft 1.2

The official Minecraft 1.2 trailer:

1.2.2 is out now! Here’s everything you need to know about this version of the game we all know and love:

New Hostile Behavior

Hostile mobs that would burn in the sun now look for shade! That means the forests and overhangs might be teaming with skeletons and zombies long after the sun has risen. Zombies have new pathfinding technology that enables them to avoid obstacles to come and get you. Scary. Zombies can also break wooden doors, so be careful about your choice of door construction material.

Jungle biomes with massive towering trees covered in climbable vines have been added to the game.

‘Fire charges’ allow you to shoot fire out of dispensers, creating canons of a kind. They require Blaze Powder, Coal or Charcoal and Gunpowder to craft.

How To Craft Fire Charges:

New Circle Stone Bricks

These new stone bricks have a Mayan style square patterning and will look great in Jungle Biome builds.

How To Craft Circle Stone Bricks: Not possible at the current time, only available in creative.

Cats scare creepers away! A cat can be created by taming a wild ocelot. Wild ocelots should be tamed otherwise they will hunt and kill your precious chickens.

How To Tame A Wild Ocelot:

Hold out some fish and stand very, very still. The ocelot will approach you, snatch the fish from your hand and become a kitty. Who is a kitty! \o/

Iron Golems are protective mobs for villages which can be crafted or spawn naturally with more than fifteen villagers. They can only be killed with diamond and drop roses and iron ingots when slain.

How To Craft An Iron Golem

Increased Height Limit

They sky is still the limit, but the limit is massively increased. You can now build way above cloud level up to 256 blocks.

Redstone Lamps

Crafted from redstone dust and a glowstone block, redstone lamps can be turned on and off with the power of redstone. Place one glow stone block in the middle of a crafting grid and place redstone dust at the N, S, E and W directions around it like so:

World Painter, Minecraft World Edit Tool


(Click to enlarge.)

With MC Edit’s development being halted, the citizens of Minecraft have to look for a new way to edit worlds on a large scale. World Painter might very well be the world creator we’ve been looking for. It’s not quite the same as MC Edit, being designed mainly for the creation of large terrain features, but in many respects it is actually better. There have been very few minecraft maps created thus far that are remarkable solely because of their terrain, but I have a feeling that will change as people start to use this tool that allows you to quite literally paint minecraft worlds.

How To Install:

World Painter comes with its own installation package, so anyone capable of double clicking and following screen prompts should be able to get it up and running in no time.

Minecraft World Painter Features include:

Layers, allowing you to directly edit every element of your world map.

Export function, allowing you to play the worlds you’ve edited. (Handy.)

2D and 3D view modes, for ease of creation.

Zoom function, for fine painting.

Flattern Tool, Mountain Tool, Water Flood, Lava Flood.

And much, much more!

Download World Painter!

How To Tame Cats In Minecraft

Minecraft cats are tamed from wild ocelots, but ocelots run away if you get too close, so how do you tame them?

Step 1: Get some raw fish.

Step 2: Stand very still.

Curious Ocelot approaches you and your raw fish treat.

Step 3: Wait until the ocelot stalks towards you, then right click to feed them the fish.

Tamed ocelots change to domesticated cat skins.


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