World Painter, Minecraft World Edit Tool


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With MC Edit’s development being halted, the citizens of Minecraft have to look for a new way to edit worlds on a large scale. World Painter might very well be the world creator we’ve been looking for. It’s not quite the same as MC Edit, being designed mainly for the creation of large terrain features, but in many respects it is actually better. There have been very few minecraft maps created thus far that are remarkable solely because of their terrain, but I have a feeling that will change as people start to use this tool that allows you to quite literally paint minecraft worlds.

How To Install:

World Painter comes with its own installation package, so anyone capable of double clicking and following screen prompts should be able to get it up and running in no time.

Minecraft World Painter Features include:

Layers, allowing you to directly edit every element of your world map.

Export function, allowing you to play the worlds you’ve edited. (Handy.)

2D and 3D view modes, for ease of creation.

Zoom function, for fine painting.

Flattern Tool, Mountain Tool, Water Flood, Lava Flood.

And much, much more!

Download World Painter!

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