New Minecraft Feature: Ender Chest!

The Ender Chest is a special type of minecraft chest that has a limited inventory that exists outside of space and time. By placing multiple Ender Chests, you can have access to your Ender Chest inventory anywhere – and in any dimension.

So say you put a stack of diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base, and you’ve traveled many minecraft miles away but have a sudden need for diamond. By placing an Ender Chest, you’ll be able to access the diamonds in your Ender Chest at your base. Ender Chests also work on other realms, an Ender Chest in the Nether will have the same inventory as an Ender Chest in the main world.

How To Make An Ender Chest:

Surround an eye of ender with eight obsidian blocks to make an Ender Chest.

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