Holes, Minecraft Game Map Download

This multiplayer minecraft game is as easy as falling in a hole. Seriously. All you have to do is find the color hole that corresponds to your chosen color and fall in it. Do it eight times before anyone else does, and you win. Of course, not every hole is easy to find – and your opponents may decide that the best form of hole defense is hole attack.

Download Minecraft Holes here!

Race For Wool Minecraft Map Downloads

race for the wool minecraft map

Wool Warfare is the most exciting Minecraft RFW map, made by Krose. Like many other minecraft racing maps, the basic premise is to make your way from one side of a map to the other, avoiding traps and dodging enemy projectiles. That’s right, Wool Warfare now allows you to hurl arrows into the blocky avatar faces of people who once regarded you as a friend. Win the game by getting to the wool first. It’s that simple. It’s that difficult.

Download Wool Warfare, Minecraft Race For Wool Map!

Orrr if you want to get Yoggy with it, you can watch the Yogscast play their own RFW maps with all their hilarious Britishness.

Check out the Vechs’ Super Hostile Race for Wool Map!

Whirlpool Minecraft PvP Minigame Map | Minecraft Wipeout!

minecraft whirlpool pvp minigame download

This player vs player minecraft whirlpool PvP map represents a new way to war with your friends. The premise is simple, you are to fight one another whilst fighting against the current streaming through the whirlpool which you willingly drop yourself into for the sake of doing battle in a new and interesting way. Losers will find themselves sucked into the abyss. Winners may also eventually find themselves sucked into the abyss, but at least they’ll feel as though they achieved something before they went.

Minecraft Arena Dungeon Adventure

minecraft dungeon arena map download

Dungeon crawlers are fun. You explore new dungeon rooms, packed to the brim with monsters just ready to drop their loot everywhere. Arena Dungeon is a minecraft map containing not just rooms full of monsters, but waves of monsters. Enter a room, trigger the waves of aggressive mobs, slay them all and move on. It’s a Herculean task.

Arena Dungeon also contains a currency / shop system whereby the EXP and emeralds you earn slaying early monsters can be used to pay for equipment upgrades and unlock new dungeons, which can be harvested to earn more EXP and emeralds, which can… well, you get the general idea. This is a minecraft dungeon fighter map, but it is also a comment on capitalism. At what price little green and yellow baubles sliding across the floor making tinkling sounds as they are absorbed into your chest? At what price indeed!

Hoodoo, Minecraft PvP Map Download | How To Play Hoodoo

hoodoo minecraft pvp map download

Hoodoo is a much anticipated minecraft pvp arena map in which two teams take attacking and defending roles. Attackers / Invaders take one of five classes of animals:

Rabbit – Jumping and sprint bonuses.
Wolf – Warrior class with powered up sword.
Eagle – An Archer with an Ender Pearl.
Beaver – The engineering, building, support class, comes armed with blocks and tools.
Elephant – Tanking class. Designed to take plenty of damage whilst constantly grinding forward.

An invader can change classes after death, but not every class is made equal. Different classes ‘cost’ different amounts, and are paid for by turning in levels. Attackers earn one level per minute as the game progresses, so Attacking classes begin weakly, but grow stronger as the Hoodoo game progresses.

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