Woosh Games Minecraft Theme Park

minecraft theme park download

Minecraft’s classic theme park map, Woosh Games features:

Seven Mini-Games!


  • Dodge Bow,
  • Snow Fight,
  • Pig Rodeo,
  • Piston Boxing,
  • Sheep Breeders and
  • Jungle Race!


Minecraft Rocky Mountain Large Map

minecraft rocky mountain download

Ever wish you could see the Rockies? Now you can! This map is a work in progress, but still very much downloadable, and it seeks to recreate the Rocky Mountains in Minecraft. It’s more of a tribute to the Rockies than an actual geographically accurate recreation of them, but for anyone looking for a minecraft mountain range, this is probably a great place to start. (more…)

Minecraft Team Fortress 2 Maps | Minecraft TF2

Want to download minecraft TF2 mods? Play on a minecraft TF2 server, or simply download a minecraft TF2 map to play on your own! Here are all the links you need.

tf3 dustbowl map download

The most famous of all the minecraft TF2 maps is the TF2 Dustbowl map, put together by Seth Bling and Hypixel. This map is effectively a redstone game designed for 6v6 or 12v12 play. This map requires no mods at all to work, and includes eight unique player classes, each one geared to suit. Minecraft Heavies and Minecraft Scouts and Minecraft Snipers and Minecraft Medics and Minecraft Soldiers and Minecraft engineers rejoice!

Download the original TF2 Mincraft map here!

Team Fortress 2 Mod for Minecraft

Maybe you want to make your own Minecraft Team Fortress 2 map, but want it to operate realistically. The Minecraft TF2 mod takes care of that, allowing you to craft turrets and carry about wrenches, and set up sentry guns and teleporters and that sort of thing.

Official Minecraft TF2 Server Site For TF2 Minecaft multiplayer fun, visit the ‘official’ MC TF2 server site and join hundreds of other Minecraft Team Fortress players.

Tower of Spleef, Minecraft 1.6 Spleef Arena (No Mods Needed)

A vertical tower of spleef awaits you in this minecraft multiplayer Spleef Arena download. Spleef in all three dimensions, and remember to keep your mind on your money and your money on your… never mind, four blocks of sand just fell on your head and now you’ve respawned in the bay of losers. (Bay of Losers not included.)

Download the Tower of Spleef!

Minecraft Elder Scrolls Map Downloads

minecraft tamriel map download

If you’re a fan of both Minecraft and the Elder Scrolls series, then this is a project designed to thrill you to your toes. Play all of the continent of Nirn in Minecraft with this single map that spans the continent made famous in the Elder Scrolls series. Wander the streets of Imperial City in Minecraft (still, to this day the best RPG city I’ve ever been in. Skyrim has nothing on the atmosphere and depth of Oblivion’s Imperial City.)

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