Steamshire, Minecraft Steampunk Island Custom Map Download

minecraft steampunk map download

This beautiful minecraft steampunk island map is available for download now, so you can experience the beauty of Steamshire. There’s also a custom minecraft steampunk texture pack you can download with it, so you can have the full steampunk island experience.

Though it isn’t an adventure map or a survival, it’s still very much worth the download, simply for the fun of walking through it and seeing what can be done with a bunch of stacked blocks. And that’s always been the beauty of minecraft, hasn’t it? The fact that minecraft is a place where dreams take flight, where almost anything can be built if one is willing to take the time and energy to create it.

Pig Kart, Mario Kart In Minecraft Mini Game Map Download

minecraft mario kart map download

They call this a mini game, but there’s nothing mini about this Mario Kart inspired map that will allow you and five of your most minecraft owning friends to race around a custom built world. The map uses the command block to change game states, so the first person to finish three complete laps of the course will be changed to creative mode and will be able to fly up to the winner’s platform. Your mount is a pig, not a car, so be aware that there are some unique challenges involved when trying to steer and brake a minecraft pig. This massively fun minecraft map is a must download for anyone who enjoys multiplayer fun!

Download Pig Kart now!

Portugal In Minecraft! (Minecraft Portugal World Map Download)

Odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re not in Portugal right now. You can change that, by downloading this scale representation of the country of Portugal and opening it in Minecraft. It’s travel without the need for vaccinations, passports, or actual reality – you win on all three counts. With pristine terrain for you to build on, Portugal just became your little slice of digital paradise on earth.

Download this Minecraft World Map of Portugal!

Sunken Island, Minecraft Island Adventure

The Sunken Island is a minecraft adventure map that begins with a fairly sunken boat and a trail of debris heading off into the horizon. When one follows the debris, one finds a huge hole in the ocean. Yes you read that correctly, a hole in the ocean. Sort of like what might happen if Moses opened an island time share. At the bottom of this hole in the ocean is the Sunken Island. A title which will now be abundantly clear and reasonable to even the sternest skeptics who did not understand how an island could ever be sunk.

After riding the ocean waterfall down to the island, one is free to begin one’s adventure with leather armor and a bucket of water to spare. From the outset the Sunken Island is full of surprises, like this random mooshroom cow with its large black void like eyes that have seen the coming of the days of the infection.

The Sunken Island is full of nature’s bounty, and tribal dispenser outposts, which makes stocking up on supplies a not too arduous task. Pro tip: a dispenser entirely covered in vines will not work. You must clear at least one side of vines before you can extract the supplies within. It’s not always plainly apparent what you’re actually supposed to be doing on the Sunken Island, but then how many land masses come with pre-placed signs anyway? This is an adventure map based largely on the idea that exploration is fun and activating old monuments is an amusing past time.

Download Sunken Island, Minecraft Adventure Map!

The Lonely Lands, Minecraft CTM Survival

In the Lonely Lands it is not enough to risk life and limb finding the precious blocks that will complete the monument. You must also risk life and limb finding the monument itself, a task made difficult by the hostile survival conditions that make getting a bite to eat, let alone collecting wool, a difficult challenge.

The Lonely Lands will one day be a collection of CTM maps. For the moment it is just one map, titled ‘Humble Beginnings’. In this map, one spawns in a Lapis Lazuili dotted canyon where birch trees grow leaves of ice and water pours from stone crystals suspended in the sky. Breaking blocks and crafting is more than allowed, it is encouraged. Although usually not necessary. This is not an adventure map, handing you tools and food along the way, this is a survival map that forces you to prove your worth to the land before you can be granted its bounty. (Unless you count the 32 pieces of leather and bunch of bread you get given at the very outset, possibly to offset the lack of cows. Or the 32 torches, or the fish. Okay, you leave the starting area very well set up. And every area after it too.)

So how hostile is this map? Well, the creator has it labelled as ‘easy’ and within the first five minutes of spawning you can easily gather enough wood, lightstone, cobblestone and coal to get you through most things, so resource wise it’s not too bad. There is the small matter of the apparent complete lack of saplings however, that’s a wee bit concerning as it makes the ice birch forest a non-renewable resource. Most of what you’ll need is provided along the way, so the challenge is really in moving through all the different areas of the map without falling into lava or being otherwise slain. There are some great mini-biomes in this map, including a mycelium floored brick forest.

In addition to different ‘levels’ as represented by changing biomes that never existed before this map was dreamed up, there are also dungeons to complete in which you will be rewarded with enchanted items, and in which you will discover the wool. Though the map maker states in his description that he doesn’t think much of the appearance of this map, I actually found the appearance of it very pleasing. Every new area had a specific sense of place and came with unique challenges and unique rewards. This is a brilliant map for anyone who likes to explore CTM worlds, most of the ‘work’ involved in the map isn’t in avoiding traps, or even battling monsters (though there is a lot of that) most of the work comes in enjoying the many, many nooks, crannies, secret passages and hidden areas. This map does have several hours of play time in it, get comfortable whilst you’re downloading, you’re going to be a while.

Download The Lonely Lands, Minecraft CTM Survival Map

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