Sunken Island, Minecraft Island Adventure

The Sunken Island is a minecraft adventure map that begins with a fairly sunken boat and a trail of debris heading off into the horizon. When one follows the debris, one finds a huge hole in the ocean. Yes you read that correctly, a hole in the ocean. Sort of like what might happen if Moses opened an island time share. At the bottom of this hole in the ocean is the Sunken Island. A title which will now be abundantly clear and reasonable to even the sternest skeptics who did not understand how an island could ever be sunk.

After riding the ocean waterfall down to the island, one is free to begin one’s adventure with leather armor and a bucket of water to spare. From the outset the Sunken Island is full of surprises, like this random mooshroom cow with its large black void like eyes that have seen the coming of the days of the infection.

The Sunken Island is full of nature’s bounty, and tribal dispenser outposts, which makes stocking up on supplies a not too arduous task. Pro tip: a dispenser entirely covered in vines will not work. You must clear at least one side of vines before you can extract the supplies within. It’s not always plainly apparent what you’re actually supposed to be doing on the Sunken Island, but then how many land masses come with pre-placed signs anyway? This is an adventure map based largely on the idea that exploration is fun and activating old monuments is an amusing past time.

Download Sunken Island, Minecraft Adventure Map!

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