Simburbia, Minecraft Sim City Download

sim city minecraft download

Ever wanted to play Sim City in Minecraft? Well here’s your chance. Through the magic of advance Minecraft technology, Simburbia is a complete city simulation complete with a power grid, monetary system, a living, working population, disasters, map overlays, sim city quests and more. It’s time to become Mayor of your own Minecraft city and watch as giant Zombies stomp your carefully simgineered buildings to dust – or not.

Simburbia is no small feat of Minecraft engineering, a game within a game, and as such it is a must, must, must download for all minecrafters who like seeing what modern minecraft can now do.

Download the Minecraft Simburbia Sim City Map here!

Spirited Away Minecraft Map Download

minecraft spirited away movie map download

This minecraft map is the recreation of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away movie. If you loved the movie Spirited Away and want to play inside the world itself, from walking through Ghost Town, to brewing potions in Zeniba’s Swamp Cottage. You can download this minecraft map and receive updates at the following address.

Get all the Spirited Away Minecraft Map downloads!

zeniba's cottage minecraft

17th Century Minecraft Dark Ages City

minecraft 17th century city download

This 17th century city minecraft build created by Eat Blue Sausages isn’t just beautiful, it’s also rather historically functional. And by that, I mean you can go down to the experiment room and conduct some olde style experiments without any of the knowledge afforded to you by modern science.

Elven City of Lothariel | Minecraft Fantasy City Download

minecraft fantasy city download

The Elven City of Lothariel is a minecraft fantasy city like no other. Glistening white buildings tipped with pure diamond are the work of minecraft build team Vadact. A great angel watches over the city, whilst towering peaks and sweeping arches make this one of the most beautiful minecraft cities of a great while, if not actually all time.

minecraft elf city download

Raccoon City, Resident Evil Minecraft Map Download

minecraft resident evil map download

Resident Evil in Minecraft! Raccoon City is a complex, in-depth build replicating the original Raccoon City from the aforementioned video game.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in Resident Evil Minecraft builds, Raccoon City stands on its own as a city built with a Midwestern hill city aesthetic / post nuclear fallout zone.

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