Super Enclosed Minecraft Survival Map

Do you like to survive in minecraft whilst being completely enclosed by bedrock on all sides whilst some distant god poses you challenges that may or may not be relevant to the aforementioned task of survival? Any minecraft survival map player with a love of deeply specific and quite challenging challenges is going to love Super Enclosed Minecraft Survival Map, which is 1.4.5 compatible and uses the command block to add a little more zing to the map as you know it.

You begin the map and live the map in a naturally generated minecraft village, complete with villagers who like nothing better than trampling their own crops and trading with you. The feature that sets this map apart is the challenge room, a place you are ported to at the press of a button, where your successful challenges are rewarded with glowing lights.

wearing heads as masks in minecraft

One finds oneself wearing the map maker’s head as a mask at the outset, which I found to be a charmingly gruesome touch, one that endeared me to the map as a whole. The challenge room is an excellent idea that not only focuses play, but gives the player a sense of accomplishment and redstone validation. There is a certain amount of glitchiness to this room, but if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. (And as there is a surprise I won’t spoil for anybody who completes all the challenges, you really will be cheating yourself if you claim victory before it is yours – in the most hilarious way.)

Download Minecraft Super Enclose Survival Map!

Sky Aquarium, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

You begin your journey trapped in a pocket of air in the lower corner of the sky aquarium. The sky aquarium is a small place, a place where one tree grows a few meters away and where the constant press of water makes breathing difficult.

What makes this map hard is the relative lack of resources. At first glance there are no animals, no grasses, no wheat farms, no mushrooms, not a whole lot of food of any kind in fact. Small pockets of ore do exist, but they are not easily found and the player will have to create ways to hold back the waters in order to harvest their bounty.

Although this is a tiny map, I found it to be one of the more enjoyable sky survival maps thus far, perhaps because exploring the small reaches of this little map took an awful lot of engineering, and when I found those precious deposits, I felt a glow of achievement difficult to attain in a world where one takes air for granted.

Definitely worth playing for anybody who likes the sky survival / survival island genre.

Click here to download Sky Aquarium Minecraft Sky Survival Map!

Save The Cows, Minecraft Survival Island Map

Save the Cows is a goal oriented Minecraft Survival Map. You begin your journey as a pilgrim to Palm Island, where you had planned to simply leave a tribute to the local god and return to the ocean as an adventurer. But as you leave your offering, you can’t help but notice two cows marooned in the distance. The god of Palm Island has long forbidden the consumption of beef, but if you can rescue those cows, you can return tasty steaks to the world at large.

In the process of saving the cows, you discover that the Palm God has wreaked watery havoc on a nearby village. Can you find the survivors, and perhaps resurrect a legendary thoroughbred pig?


Garden Pot Sky Survival Minecraft Map Download

Can you survive in a Garden Pot? You’re about to find out! In the vein of Ant Farm Survival and Fish Tank Survival and Survival in a Bottle comes Garden Pot survival, a massive garden pot in which you must survive.

This minecraft map is largely comprised of a massive tree, a tree so large that you’ll probably get a nose bleed trying to climb all the way to the top of it. The top of the tree is dusted with a coating of snow and the ground below is entirely brown dirt. No grass graces the pot at first, so therefore you have quite a task ahead of you cultivating the garden pot into a wilderness that can sustain life.

Click here to download Garden Pot Minecraft Sky Survival Map

Ocean Block 4.0, Minecraft 1.4 Island Survival Map Download

Survive. On the ocean. With very little in the way of land to help you. Does it look a little like Sky Block? Yes. Does it look a lot like Survival Island? Yes. Is it different from both and also compatible with minecraft 1.4? Yes and oh yes.

If you happen to be on the search for a classic minecraft survival map, the sort where there’s almost nowhere to stand and certainly no place to grow food or smite pigs, then this is the map for you. Originally designed as a sort of ‘Sky Block with training wheels’, this map has grown in an organic and exciting way, a way that has made countless You Tubers create videos on the subject thereof, and has seen many thousand minecraft players watch Creepers, Skeletons and Zombies bobbing gently on the glassy ocean.

Download Ocean Block Minecraft Survival Map!

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