Fish Tank Survival Minecraft Map

I love survival maps where I get to live in a tank or enclosure of some kind. Like Ant Farm Survival, for instance. They just feel cozy. This one’s a little watery to be entirely comfortable.

How did you end up in a fish tank? A giant put you in there of course. He wants you to do chores. I love the idea of a mentally inept giant who shoves you into a bowl filled with water and tells you to get to work, it’s darkly charming.

Fortunately for all concerned there are pockets of air in the fish bowl, otherwise this would be a very short lived minecraft map indeed.

Navigating this map is a challenge that I think a lot of minecraft survival map afficianados will really enjoy. This map is difficult because you have to keep oxygen supply in mind whilst dawdling about the place. Getting off track in your mission will lead to a swift and punishing demise with a lot of punching sounds for added effect.

Escaping the tank isn’t all that hard, but there is very little point in doing so as the map has been created in Flatland mode, so you’re leaping out of the frying pan and into the perfectly plain terrain with nothing but dirt and grass to comfort yourself with.

There are plenty of challenges for people who like that sort of thing to complete and more wild and wooly types can occupy themselves with the task of making a big tank of water their home.

Download Fish Tank Survival Minecraft Map!

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