Survival In A Bottle, Minecraft Survival Map

Do you like enclosed spaces? Do you like to be cozy inside a thick green glass interior? If so, this bottle survival minecraft map is going to put a smile on your dial. Who knows what giant entity decided to put you, rather than a message inside the bottle. Or maybe you are the message in the bottle. That got deep quickly, didn’t it?

One has very little space to survive in the bottle, so one must become an expert in minecraft space management. One must also become adept at digging down (never straight down, mind you!) There are all sorts of exciting surprises in this bottle and as you travel through the layers of sediment you might find a very good vintage – or alternatively become one yourself.

Sticking to simple survival principles, the restricted spaces means that the bulk of this map will involve simply clearing the clogged dirt and stone and creating a multi level home for yourself with separate levels for animal farms, gardens and of course living areas too. The map maker requests that you do not build a portal to the nether, but I think that’s a mistake. If you can build a portal to the nether and save enough obsidian to escape from the nether to a space outside the bottle then you’ve probably ‘won’ this minecraft survival map as much as anyone can ever hope to win at minecraft.

Click here to survive minecraft in a bottle!

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