Wake Island Minecraft BF2 Map Download

minecraft bf2 wake island map download

This 1:1 scale build of Wake Island from the pc game BF2 is now available to download. The Wake Island minecraft map contains all the bases and locations from the BF2 game. Though there are other Wake Island minecraft maps, this one is by far the most accurate, right the way down to the location of palm trees. This could also be considered a WW2 minecraft map.

wake island base minecraft map download

If you’re wondering what the significance of Wake Island is, allow me to enlighten you with a little history lesson from the Battlefield wiki and indeed, game.

“With its attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan openly declared war on the United States, sinking or severely crippling a significant number of US battleships and destroying a large number of aircraft. To fully leverage the element of surprise, the Japanese fleet is now quickly advancing on other key targets throughout the Pacific. One such target is Wake Island, a small but highly strategic piece of land situated at approximately the mid-point between Tokyo and Hawaii.”

bf2 wake island in minecraft

Wake Island is also a real world location, it is actually a coral atoll, not a real island. It is located 3,700 kilometers to the east of Hawaii, and it was the site of a battle between US and Japanese forces on December 8, 1941. The attack was co-ordinated with the more famous attack on Pearl Harbor. Those fighting at Wake Island were very much left in the lurch and were eventually overrun by the Japanese attackers. There was a relatively brief Japanese occupation, followed by a subsequent liberation and a great deal of general war time unpleasantness. Learn more about the battle of Wake Island here.

This minecraft survival island map is, therefore, more than another place to farm some sheep and farm some wheat. It is a little piece of history, and minecraft playing history buffs can enjoy fortifying the bases from more modern, digital onslaughts from pixellated green creatures, zombies and skeletons.

Download this Wake Island BF2 Map Download!

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