Tunnel Trouble, Minecraft Combat Survival Map Download

tunnel trouble minecraft combat survival map download

Tunnel Trouble is a minecraft map consisting of a five thousand block long bridge. Your job? To get to the other side. It sounds simple, but like most simple things in life, it is fraught with danger and red tape (in this case it is more like red carpet, but it’s virtually the same thing.)

The map comes with four separate classes to choose from, including Archer, Knight, OddJob and Summoner. I went Summoner class, mostly because I was curious as to what that would entail. As it turns out, Summoners begin their journey through the dangerous tunnels with enough iron, snow and pumpkins to make approximately fifteen defensive creatures. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot of time to make them in and you’re almost entirely exposed before you do manage to build your defensive golems and snowball throwers.

Don’t think this is a simple hack and slash map either, on your way through the tunnel you’ll find enchanting stations and mini-shops that will allow you to buy upgrades for your weapons and enchant armor and other items that could do with a good enchanting.

This map is not easy. My run as a Summoner lasted approximately thirty seconds. I next went Archer, and figured out that the way to beat this map is to take the approach of trench warfare. You’ve got to clear an area of mobs, build temporary defenses to protect yourself from being flanked by newly spawned mobs and then move on. That method results in a slow grind down the ‘tunnel’, but it does offer a superior level of safety.

If that approach does not appeal, you can try to use the other resources available to your through the game, including custom vendors, gravel traps, castles, bunkers, and even helicopter ports. Victory is not guaranteed, but struggle is.

Download Tunnel Trouble Survival Map

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