Sky Flat Survival, Minecraft CTM \ Sky Survival Map (Now With Custom NPCs!)

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I’m going to start this minecraft survival map review with a warning: do not let the poisoned villager out of the solitary village blacksmith’s house. He is not in his right mind and he will run right off the edge of the world if you’re not careful.*

This simple island style of minecraft survival map is by far and away my absolute favorite. I love the simplicty of these maps, as well as the challenge that comes from having limited space and limited resources. Sky Flat is especially challenging as a quick peek over the edge reveals this map to be but one block thick.

It took me a good few minutes of wandering around the small grass plain before I spotted something in the distance. What is that? Another Sky Flat island! It is so far in the distance that you’re going to have to spend a lot of time gathering the materials needed for a bridge that far out, and in the meantime, there are the CTM challenges to think about (not to mention the simple act of trying to keep yourself fed long enough to stave off the zombies at your door.)

*If you do accidentally let the blacksmith out, you probably want to re-start the map. The blacksmith contains a lot of valuable trading options (and he accepts stone pressure plates as payment.) Basically, what I am saying is this: do everything you can to keep the NPC alive. The NPC is your friend, and ticket to diamonds, iron ore, and so much more.

minecraft sky island survival map download

SkyFlat really is a classic minecraft survival map with all the elements that made the original SkyBlock and Survival Island maps so great. In addition to that, the custom NPC vendors add a new twist to the map, creating a new dimension of play, in which you work for currency, not just for survival.

Download Sky Flat Minecraft Survival Map

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