Epic Tunnels, Minecraft Underground Survival Map

minecraft underground survival map download

You know what’s getting trite in minecraft survival maps? Being able to see the sun. That’s getting really old. This minecraft underground survival map, Epic Tunnels, is completely different – because the entire map takes place below the surface.

But perhaps you think that’s not such a big deal. Perhaps you think you’ll just download the map and tunnel up to the top? Think again! These tunnels are lined with unbreakable bedrock, so you’ll have to get used to surviving down in the very depths of the earth. Time to dust off that degree in minecraft geology, huh?

The giant tunnels in this minecraft survival map are very impressive. They’re not just big stone holes, a certain amount of landscaping effort has gone into making them look pleasing to the eye. Because it’s bad enough being trapped underground, you don’t want to be trapped somewhere without a decent lawn, do you? The tunnels are so large that sometimes you’ll think you got a glimpse of the sky, but it turns out to have been an illusion.

minecraft underground lake survival map

There are all sorts of biomes to explore in this minecraft underground survival map, including little desert oasis, snow capped forests and general tundra. A major part of the challenge in gameplay isn’t sheer survival, its in exploring all the great tunnels – and in creating a working farm and village from the supply of spawner eggs you’re given at the outset.

Epic Tunnels isn’t the sort of survival map you play when you want a survival island style experience. It’s the sort of survival map you play when you want to test your wits and your grit against hard rock – when you want to take a limited, but wild space and tame it to the useful and the good. And of course, experiencing the thrill of discovery as you take a dip in a seemingly endless subterranean lake, or discover secrets hidden under an oddly placed gravel deposit.

Check out Epic Tunnel Survival.

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