Minescape Minecraft Dungeon Adventure Survival Map Download

minescape minecraft dungeon map download

This large and expansive minecraft adenture survival map is made with multiplayer in mind, though intrepid single players can certainly play if they like – if they like dying, that is. Mwa ha!

Dungeon explorers begin their journey at the gates of a frozen castle located atop a scattered mountain. (I don’t personally know what a scattered mountain is, but I suspect it has something to do with dopamine levels.) As players descend through the many dungeons stretching down to the depths of the earth they will encounter many dangerous monsters and terrible foes.

Surface of the Sun, Minecraft Lava Survival Map Download

surface of the sun minecraft survival map

A classic minecraft survival map, Surface of the Sun challenges the player to live in an extremely hostile, lava filled environment. The map begins with the player aboard a space shuttle being hit by solar flares. Your only chance to survive is to hit warp drive and hope things go well.

Minecraft Project Zomboid Map

minecraft arma 2 map

Let me begin this by saying that DayZ, is the scariest video game I’ve played in a very long time. The mod based on Arma II shoves you in the middle of a militarized landscape with pretty much nothing for survival. If you want to survive, you’ll have to investigate abandoned buildings, kill and steal from other players and generally explore and fight your little heart out.

Sky Corundum Minecraft Sky Survival Map Download

minecraft sky survival shop map download

There’s a platform in the sky. On this platform is a tree and evidence of someone having tried to pretty up the place before you go there. To your left is a sky ship, which goes nowhere. It’s all very disappointing really, the sort of conditions that could easily lead to dangerous levels of Steve depression – if it weren’t for the challenges!

Mycelium Survival, Minecraft Mushroom Biome Survival Map Download

minecraft mushroom biome survival map

A minecraft map made of mushrooms, Mycelium survival pits the player against a world full of mushroom spores and very little else. Grass is at a premium, but mycelium isn’t – which is great news for lovers of fungus.

A fascinating looking map with a rotund protuberance (otherwise known as a hill) and plenty of great underground caverns to explore, this is quite an interesting survival map, which will be won or lost based on your ability to gather resources and put them in one place.

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